Animoca launches their new Rhythm-based game Groove Planet

Animoca launches their new Rhythm-based game Groove Planet

Animoca has released their new Rhythm-based game onto Android today called Groove Planet. This isn’t your typical music game through, where you have to worry about tapping along to particular beat. With this game you’re actually developing a planet through the use of the game’s music.

Players will end up mayor of the planet crafted around music, and will also be tapping along to a beat of any particular song in the game to be able to develop your planet more. While you progress through farmville, earning Notes with the process, these Notes will then be employed to create various types of buildings in your planet. Consequently this will improve your planet’s population. So it’s kind of like Sim City meets Guitar Hero somewhat.

Groove Planet Features:

– Tap combined with the rhythm of the favorite song to earn heaps of Notes
– Use Notes to create majestic new building, expand your dance loving population, and produce more profit
– Uses Jamn Player’s chord recognition technology to detect Chords and Keys of the songs.
– Invited typically the most popular indie artists to play their trending tracks
– Which means you can use your personal song, and tap along towards the rhythm of it
– A lot of awesome characters to unlock and even more to come
– Compete and compare scores with other people around the Leaderboards
– Save any time, experience any device, and back up your game progress

While farmville does include its very own group of music tracks that you could play the game to, you may also make use of your own music on your device instead. So you’re not locked down to one music style or songs you might not actually like. Groove Planet is available for download off of Google Play free of charge with optional IAPs too.

Groove Planet (Playboard) | Groove Planet (Play Store)