Contrast brings smart shadow play to Nvidia’s Shield Android TV

Contrast brings smart shadow play to Nvidia’s Shield Android TV

Written by Andy Dyer

The latest game launching on Android exclusively for the Nvidia Shield Android TV is a strange and dreamlike adventure set in 1920s Paris. Blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, Contrast, created by Canadian developers Compulsion Games, concentrates on Didi, a lonely young girl whose single mom leaves her in your own home every night when she is out to sing in nightclubs, and casts you in the role of Dawn, Didi’s imaginary friend C or perhaps is she?

As imaginary friends go, Dawn is fairly special, while you quickly find out. It seems that Didi is the only person who can see her, and conversely, Didi may be the only person that Dawn can easily see; while she can hear the other people say, she will only see their shadows, and it is shadows that make up a key a part of Contrast.

Because Dawn is capable of doing shifting in the normal 3D world right into a 2D shadow plane, and that is where the fun begins. She turns into a living shadow, as well as in the 2D world she will treat other shadows as solid objects that she can stand on and employ as platforms. This is an incredibly useful way of reaching high-up balconies and rooftops that she’d well be not able to get to, and far of Contrast centers around shifting interior and exterior the cisco kid world.

To make things more challenging, Dawn often has to create her very own shadow platforms; many levels feature light sources and objects that can be moved around and whose shadows naturally change based on where they’re placed. An early puzzle sees her needing to get up to some cinema balcony, and the only way to do it is as simple as moving a set of three life-sized cardboard cut-outs around to ensure that she can produce a group of steps leading upwards; remember, the closer an item would be to an easy source, the larger the shadow it casts.

Along the way in which Dawn must collect Luminaries, glowing orbs that they can use to power up light sources in order to create those essential shadows, and she or he also accumulates other things that provide clues towards the story of Didi and her family. It’s a troubled tale, by having an estranged father whose dodgy deals have him in danger not only using the law, however with violent gangsters to whom he owes money.

In Contrast’s film noir-inspired story he’s trying to turn over a new leaf by setting up a money-spinning circus, but all’s not well also it falls to Didi and Dawn to help recruit the star attraction: The Amazing Vincenzo, a magician with uncanny abilities along with a massive ego. With three other attractions not prepared for the grand opening, it is also as much as Didi and Dawn to get them up and running, and save Dawn’s father from mob retribution.

There’s plenty to complete and thankfully Dawn has other tricks up her sleeve to assist put everything right. She’s a useful dash move that they can use not just to smash through breakable barriers in the real word and zip through thin shadows in the 2D plane, but additionally to alter direction in mid-air; essential for reaching locations that she may not be able to jump to. She will also pick up objects and shift them into the 2D world; handy for giving herself a little bit of extra height for the jump, and for transporting objects to high-up places.

The Shield version of Contrast retains the full PC experience of the sport including high-definition textures, advanced lighting, effects, filtering, and multi-sampled anti-aliasing to keep the PC version’s detailed high-fidelity imagery, however for your Android TV. Contrast is available now via Google Play for $14.99.

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