Crescent Moon Games’ Glow Monsters is Arcade Puzzling Fun

Crescent Moon Games’ Glow Monsters is Arcade Puzzling Fun

Written by Jaymes Carter

Crescent Moon Games is gaining quite a bit of attention lately for his or her recently released game The Deer God, that arrived on the scene this week. However, a few days before, they released a puzzle game that is similar to Pac-Man, but is much more complex, and still lots of fun to play. The reviews thus far on Android/iOS happen to be very good. If you haven’t played Glow Monsters, it is open to download now in the Google Play Store.

Crescent Moon Games together with Joyster, have released Glow Monsters: Maze Survival. It’s a bright and colorful puzzle adventure that spans across six worlds, with over one hundred puzzles. Yes, I did say one hundred puzzles. At first glance, the sport seems to be a bit like Pac-Man. If you are one of the many people that recently downloaded Pac-Man 256, and enjoyed it, you should give Glow Monsters a try. You might find that you simply appreciate it even more, because of the good puzzles, and also the multiple goals that come together with each level. It also has depth when it comes to strategy and completing the mazes.

“Eat all the cubics, evade the monsters and survive…in Glow Maze” – Crescent Moon Games

Each level is set up for your cute green character to visit through a maze. One of the goals is to eat all of cubics that line the road within the maze. This by itself isn’t too difficult. However, there are monsters that travel the paths of the maze too. One encounter with them which is game over. The control setup is very straightforward. The challenge comes in when you’re trying to evade the monsters and trying to switch the ladders/gates, which rotate the direction in which you can travel.?

The on-screen controls include a button on the left, that allows your character to switch directions, depending on where you are within the maze. This can be up or down or left and right. Another button controls the switching of the gates/ladders. Hitting that button rotates the gate. You should use that to rotate your direction, or the direction of the monsters which are chasing you.

There are primarily three goals: Eat all the cubits, capture the heavens, and beat the time. Many times it is simple enough to conquer the clock, and eat all the cubits. Getting the three stars could be a challenge. You tap the screen to begin the sport. The great part about this is you can look at the maze and develop your strategy. Stars take presctiption a timer. When you are studying the maze, they have a circle around them that truly unwinds. When the timer is performed, the star disappears from the board. Capturing the stars also unlocks another levels hanging around. So as you avoid those monsters, you have to figure out how to grab the stars and cubits as fast as you can.?

As you progress with the games many levels, the difficulties increase, along with the quantity of Glow Monsters ?and their abilities. Avoiding blasts of fire and lasers, and the monsters freezing your gates, occur while you gain skill in completing the mazes. The sport is enjoyable, but can be intense as well. In many ways your mental muscle will be challenged as right, left and up and down, all kind of merge together, based upon shape and complexity from the mazes. If you are one that has to three star each level before moving forward, you may have both hands full with this particular game.

Glow Monster Features:

  • Unique mix of genres, with action, puzzle, and classic arcade game play elements.
  • Creative game play – Create your own way to beat each stage.
  • Two buttons, a lot of strategies.
  • Various monsters with various special skills.
  • More than 100 levels on 6 planets.
  • Mind blowing challenge modes.

Glow Monsters is really a liberated to play game. Don’t worry, the only in-app purchase is $1.99 and that’s to remove the ads. The sport is integrated with Google Action Services with twenty achievements to unlock, and leaderboards to compare your skills upon your friends. If you wish to spend some time with a decent game which will challenge your puzzle skills, with some classic arcade fun, Glow Monsters is easy to recommend. With over 100 levels to conquer, you can play farmville for a while.

Glow Monsters (Playboard) | Glow Monsters (Play Store)