Dodge geometric obstacles in Upong, now on Google Play

Dodge geometric obstacles in Upong, now on Google Play

Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Breta Games, Upong is a simple, break-breaker like game yet features its own identity. Upong retains the idea of a bouncing ball along with a horizontally sliding pad that players control at the bottom from the screen. Where it differs it’s the fact that players is going to be responsible to navigate the square shaped ball around obstacles instead of destroying them.

Players is going to be while using pad to keep the ball from striking the bottom from the screen after it ricochets from a hurdle. Each level progresses vertically having a stream of numerous obstacles, frequently with geometric shapes, that players need to navigate the ball around. The fame features simple, monochrome graphics, though players can spend the currency they’re awarded from performing well to obtain other colors for that ball and pad, and upgrade the size or shapes for the pad.

Upong happens to be available for free of Google Play. You can check it for action via the trailer below.

Upong (Playboard) | Upong (Play Store)