Fedeen Games unleashes their big expansion for Forsaken World Mobile today

Fedeen Games unleashes their big expansion for Forsaken World Mobile today

We’ve been since the upcoming expansion for Fedeen Games’ mobile MMORPG called Forsaken World Mobile in the last month or so. We’ve discussed what can be coming with this particular expansion, including massive new ‘Epic Dungeons’ that are essentially a global event type of thing, in addition to new PvP content, more skills, a jump within the level cap, and a lot more. Well we can finally stop talking about what’s going to be arriving the expansion and instead reach talk about how it’s now available for download.

This big expansion has now launched globally on the internet Play, which we’ve been playing for around the last week in a closed beta. When it comes to how good the development is, well, it’s pretty damn good a high level regular Forsaken World Mobile player. If you aren’t acquainted with this game, this is basically the mobile form of laptop computer MMORPG of the identical name, Forsaken World. So you can expect to find all of the features you would normally get in a PC MMORPG but in a mobile game instead.

The update brings with it new Epic Dungeons which, as the name suggests, would be the top of the food chain when it comes to dungeons to operate through, albeit they are server-wide. In order to help to make it through, you’ll now be able to level up your character to level 80, and collect new weapons, armor, and gear to match your new levels. This means much more character customization becoming available with ‘ton of recent Passive, Defensive Skills and Talents’.

A new forging product is and in place where players who happen to have multiples of the identical item can now rely on them to assist ‘supercharge’ the apparatus they are currently using. This can come in handy when attempting to take out the new Epic Dungeon bosses. These dungeons are a server-wide event where everyone is able to participate in them. However, if that isn’t your thing and also you enjoy fighting other players instead, PvP-focused players are in possession of a brand new 3v3 arena they are able to jump into and beat the crap out of other players in.

3v3 PvP Arena

Personal Faeries have obtained a change in the way they work. Before update, players may go into a dream arena of sorts, a sanctuary where players can provide up tribute for their Faeries in order to receive different blessings and buffs. With this expansion, there will be much more options available for players to use regarding Faeries.

Players will be able to access a whole new group of options to determine how they like to best utilize this relationship [with their Faeries]. The Faerie will be given her very own set of attributes, which players may improve in true RPG fashion. They’ll also be able to equip her with her own Relics. All these additional upgrades will translate into even more significant bonuses for that player’s character.

New Faerie system

Returning players to Forsaken World Mobile also provide additional goodies available for them upon their return. However rewards on this event will be your decision to discover, due to the fact they vary:

Return to Glory, is an event campaign designed to attract former players to the game. Current players and their returning friends all stand to reap massive rewards for his or her participation.

These are just the main additions to Forsaken World Mobile coming with this update. There are a lot of smaller items and tweaks arriving too that you’ll be in a position to play around with. If you have Forsaken World Mobile installed, you can now grab this expansion when you have a few minutes. For anyone a new comer to this game, Forsaken World Mobile can be obtained for free off of Google Play.

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