Find your fortune deep within a deadly cave in The Greedy Cave, now out on Google Play

Find your fortune deep within a deadly cave in The Greedy Cave, now out on Google Play

Released by Avalon Games, The Greedy Cave is really a new roguelike game for the Android platform. Set in the kingdom of Iblis, in the far north of the continent of Milton, lies a cave with treasure housed deep within. Iblis is a kingdom where its inhabitants live lives of hardship, just scraping by, per day to day existence.

Iblis sees the occasional adventurer go through, but anything until one of these happens upon the collapse question. Players will assume the function of a subsequent adventurer, who’s heard about this famous cave and seeks out its riches. Dangers don’t only exist in the cave though, as the town nearest to this cave is populated by people who have increasingly come to harbor jealousy and resentment for the successful adventurers, and mysteriously enough, some of the adventurers start disappearing.

The Greedy Cave Features:

@ Randomly generated cave levels give a different game experience every time
@ Countless monsters to defeat
@ Countless equipment to collect
@ Countless quests and achievements to conquer
@ Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting, and more abundant systems to explore

Players will take advantage of the hundreds of various weapons and skills to take on the hundreds of the cave’s monsters and bosses, as you change your character in leveling up, in addition to how you equip the adventurer. Customizing your character could possibly get pretty detailed during this game.

The Greedy Cave can be obtained for free from Google Play, with optional IAPs in tow. You can check out the game’s trailer below to determine some of the gameplay too.

The Greedy Cave (Playboard) | The Greedy Cave (Play Store)