Five games get updated with support for the Shield Android TV today including This War Of Mine

Five games get updated with support for the Shield Android TV today including This War Of Mine

Written by Jim McCauley

Nvidia has been busy it appears as alongside the two new games which have arrived for that company’s brand of devices, five additional games also have officially received support for Android TV today, specifically the Shield Android TV.

This appears like it will likely be Nvidia’s future trend to complete as well, announcing newer and more effective games for their Shield Android TV in addition to additional games already released that have been updated with Shield Android TV support, but all-in-one shot like today. Some games have actually had support for a short time now, but today is kind of the ‘official’ announcement for them. Others have been updated today with Shield Android TV support.

Twin Runners 2 ($2.49)
It might look like another endless runner, but Twin Runners 2 works the experience to check your reactions towards the limit. You control two ninjas simultaneously because they run into the screen, and just press a control button to alter their direction; however the paths they have to follow are very different, and therefore you have to combine anticipation, dexterity, and perseverance to stand an opportunity of completing even the first level. Easy to get and have fun with striking low-poly graphics, it’ll keep you coming back for one more go over and over again.

Flyhunter Origins ($2.97)
Created by a team led by five Pixar veterans who make films by day and games by night, Flyhunter Origins is a bit of classic platform gaming action. As bumbling spaceship janitor Zak, you’ve accidentally jettisoned your ship’s cargo of priceless insects into space and they’ve crash-landed on Earth. With the crew all asleep, it’s up to you to seize your Fly Swatter and retrieve them in a spectacular animated adventure.

Pure Pool/Snooker ($5.23)
Unleash your inner hustler without needing to spend time in any smoky dives. The following best thing to using a real pool table, Pure Pool boasts drop-dead gorgeous graphics along with a geniune feel, and four games to choose from: American 8 Ball, Killer, Royal Rumble and Perfect Potter, which you can play against AI players or online against players worldwide. And if pool’s too easy for you, you can head down the hall for a game of snooker instead.

Xenowerk ($1.99)
When will those scientists learn? Certainly one of their experiments has gone horribly wrong as well as their underground lab has been overrun by hideous mutants, and guess who has to clean up the mess? Armed with a flashlight along with a wide range of weapons and gear, in Xenowerk you have to make the right path through 50 mutant-infested levels while participating in top-down twin-stick blasting action. Change your weapons and armor along the way, and activate special powers when the going gets tough for your extra offensive edge.

This War of Mine ($14.99)
We’re all accustomed to games in which you leap into battle armed to the teeth like a fully-trained super soldier, but This War of Mine requires a different approach. Developed by Polish developer 11 Bit Studios, this award-winning strategy game puts you in control of several civilians in a besieged city. Trapped in your hideout by snipers during the day, you are able to craft tools, change your shelter, cook food and heal the injured, then during the night embark to scavenge. Inspired through the Siege of Sarajevo, it’s a thought-provoking game in which you make life-or-death decisions to merely survive.

All games should be readily available for your Shield Android TV unit now. If you already purchased these for an additional devices you have, you ought to be in a position to do the installation immediately on your Shield Android TV. Nvidia also released a montage video for all the games which you can check out within the video below.

Twin Runners (Playboard) | Twin Runners (Play Store)
Pure Pool (Playboard) | Pure Pool (Play Store)
Flyhunter Origins (Playboard) | Flyhunter Origins (Play Store)
Xenowerk (Playboard) | Xenowerk (Play Store)
This War Of Mine (Playboard) | This War Of Mine (Play Store)