Free the land of Acilion from its curse in Celsius Heroes, coming soon to Android

Free the land of Acilion from its curse in Celsius Heroes, coming soon to Android

Released by Celsius Online, Celsius Heroes is made to be considered a “mid-core” RPG, where things begin on the simple and casual side, and gradually moves into something deeper, with a heavy focus on characters and decision making. The developers are claiming inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Master, Eye from the beholder II, Might and Magic IV, and the Ultima Series.

The game is placed within the County of Acilion, where everything has been progressively becoming darker. Monsters are invading, curses have been in effect, along with a shadow is disturbing the peace from the land. Players will head up a party of heroes who hail in the the town of Celsius, where a number of its customers wind up having the same dream on the same night. Players will have to recruit and train party members, make use of weapons, ‘artefacts’, spells, skills, level them up, and facilitate dialogue. Items will have to be found, and merged to be improved. The planet contains a variety of environments that vary from 3D Dungeons, to forests, temples, and haunted mines.? Combat is facilitated using a Match Three mechanic, that rests within the lower 1 / 2 of the screen, while the game is played out within the portion above.

Celsius Heroes Features:

– Recruit, train and enhance your heroes: weapons, artefacts, spells, skills, leveling…
– Make them consult with other characters: your alternatives will greatly influence the storyline and new quests.
– Each hero has his own personality: the composition of the team will also impact the storyline.
– Explore huge 3D dungeons, inextricable forests, haunted mines, forgotten temples and lots of other places
– Use your heroes to cast spells and fight using a tactical and aesthetically-pleasing puzzle game.
– Play for free: in-app purchases are possible but *never* mandatory. Players can regularly get free gems.
– Available on all platforms: mobile, tablet, computer via Facebook, iOS, Android with only one account
– A sizable dose of humor!

Celsius Heroes is placed to release for Android (and other platforms) on March 24th, and will be offered for free with optional IAPs included. You can check out the game’s trailer using the video below in the meantime.