Funky Panda Games bring Monster Mountain to Google Play

Funky Panda Games bring Monster Mountain to Google Play

Beyond having one of the coolest names for a game development company, Funky Panda Games has recently released their game Monster Mountain for Android. The sport was released a short time ago on iOS. Now you have a chance to play this turn-based action game that sports an intriguing story, strategical gameplay and fantastic art.

Yes, when you say Funky Panda, you will probably find yourself saying it again and again. Fortunately, their game Monster Mountain is just as interesting his or her name. It’s an RPG with a story that is somewhat frightening, if you really think about whether it would become a reality. The skill direction is impressive, the controls and gameplay are relatively easy to learn, though researching what each character is capable of doing through evolving them, might take some time.

“When the lake first began to create, humanity overlooked the alteration within their every changing, chaotic world. Years passed, and also the mountain grew, towering higher with every passing year, till finally all sunlight was torn from sight, plunging the earth into permanent darkness from the behemoth… And in the shadows, man became monster.” – Funky Panda

The sport commences with an creatively rendered short video. You’re drawn into the game world and also you eagerly await for that mission to begin. The game does a great job of educating you on how you can play. While it seems uncomplicated, there are layers that you’ll uncover with time, that may help you take part in the game better. Remember, the sport is an RPG that’s turn-based. I like getting into the experience and having more control over my characters, but Funky Panda does a good job of keeping the sport interesting with the assortment of cards (new characters), evolving and different enemies. You can target your enemies at some things during the game, but a good quantity of the battles are carried out automatically.

Monster Mountain Features:

  • Countless unique characters and monsters to recruit
  • Challenge other players in the Arena (PvP) and be the master
  • Enchant your characters to gain extra power
  • Build your team and explore the endless world
  • Unique ATB battle system
  • Endless fun and great storyline

You start the game with the main character Rusty Rain. He carries a nearly raspberry colored sword with him into battle. It’s not long before you unlock other characters that will journey along with you, like Lantern and Rimbaud. You could have as much as four people in your party. Each character has a special ability that they’ll use during battle. When the meter fills for that character’s special ability, you select which enemy you want to target. Once this is done, a shape seems like an L, or an s-curve. One end is open and also the other end is closed. You need to start in the open end from the shape and draw the pattern towards the closed end. The faster that you simply do this, and the more accurate your tracing resembles what is on screen, the higher the hit points your enemy receives of your stuff. Whereas the automated turn-based action types of pulls you away from the game, this element helps provide you with back to it.?

At the end of each battle different merchandise is dropped, such as coins, gems or any other cards, which you can use later in other battles. Additionally, stamina is put into your character. Stamina is important, since this is a free-to-play game. Each battle will cost you stamina, however the amount of stamina you are given, in comparison to the quantity of stamina it requires to fight, isn’t wildly disproportionate, because it is in certain other games.

Evolving your character can cost you gems along with other items, that exist within the in-game shop. The in-game shop has crystals, stamina and quick-combat items which can be bought… with crystals. The cheapest crystal pouch goes for $7.99 after which moves upward, which means you get the idea. The game seems to possess intermittent flash sales, where you can get stamina or crystals in a cheaper rate. Somehow, that old blue-light special at K-mart comes to mind. I am sure I’m dating myself here even mentioning that, however, if you want stamina cheaper, you might like to check out those sales. There are also daily rewards given that are pretty good, should you register to play the sport daily.

In a nutshell, there is lots to love with Monster Mountain. Even though it is free-to-play, there seem to be enough options to play the game for some time before you run into a pay wall. How long that’s, I can not say without a doubt. When I see caches of crystals more than one hundred dollars, it makes me wonder.

In the event you download Monster Mountain? That’s a good question. I definitely believe it is a game title worth checking out. Getting out of bed the mountain is going to take you a while. The planet map (mountain) is quite large. Evolving your character is interesting, and selectively putting together your team, makes this an RPG game with lots of strategy and gameplay to experience. The training curve regarding how to gain levels or evolve your character, combined with the seven different races that become available the longer you play, make this a game you can come to be.

The skill direction is first class, the narrative is engaging and also the game is relatively fun to play. Basically had more control over the characters it would be also more enjoyable, but that’s not the way the game is designed. It is still a game title that’s produced well with a high standard of quality. You may want to be cautious about how long you think you’ll be playing the sport, because of the free-to-play structure. ?I like what Funky Panda has established. It will be interesting to determine how long I can appreciate it, before I am required to pony up some cash. If there have been a choice a little less than $7.99, for something you will potentially exhaust again, it may be a simpler sell than it’s now, according to what I have played. You will lose nothing though, by downloading the game to test it out, to see if it is your cup of tea.

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