Glu Games Releases Deer Hunter 2016 into the Wild

Glu Games Releases Deer Hunter 2016 into the Wild

Written by Jaymes Carter

Glu Games includes a long term hit series using the game Deer Hunter. The latest form of the sport Deer Hunter 2016, has found its way to the Google Play Store. The game is about hunting animals within the wild, and achieving the perfect weapon to do this. The game is free-to-play, try not to allow that to keep you from checking this one out.

There are some gamers which have a love for hunting. Should you choose, you’ll more than likely enjoy what Glu Games has put together with Deer Hunter 2016. There are a number of weapons to select from, along with a number of prey to hunt throughout the game. The game currently has three regions to explore. They’re Alaska, Texas and Colorado. In each of the regions you have a rifle series, shotgun contracts, and AR contracts. There is also a trophy series in each region, in which you need to hunt particular animals, and in addition it requires a certain type of kill or skill shot. As an example, among the five trophy hunting animals is a Grizzled Guardian Bear. Successfully completing the trophy portion of the game unlocks the following region.

The game comes with optional in-app purchases. The in-game currency uses gold and hunter bucks. Addititionally there is the normal energy status bar which is used in most Glu Games. Playing with the first region wasn’t difficult. The rifle series had 30 different missions. Though you are given 10 energy bars, you will get more whenever you gain levels, by gaining XP with skill shots and completing missions. Additionally you gain energy by playing the sport at particular times. For example, since i have happened to be playing after 9PM, I was given 15 additional energy packs to make use of. Additionally, it informs you next time you can play to get additional energy which is appreciated. Waiting for times for recharging weren’t horrendously long, once we have experienced in certain games. Additional gold is given when you level up as well. However, exploring the shop, some of the weapons will take a lot of playing time to get the amount of gold necessary to purchase them. This brings us to the weapons store.

The weapons store has rifles, shotguns, assault rifles and strangely enough, one bow, from what I may find. There’s also a pro look for those really elite guns. Save all of your gold of these if you’re interested. Each weapon can be upgraded, whether it is the scope, magazine, barrel, ammo, etc. There are many options when it comes to upgrading your weapon. Within your budget your upgrade using hunter bucks or gold. Obviously the upgrades have more expensive the farther you receive into the game, but there’s not huge leaps on price. If you discover you’re running low on cash, you are able to take an AR Contract or Shotgun Contract, to gain a bit more cash to develop in reserve for your forthcoming upgrade. This also allows a fair quantity of variety hanging around play.

Deer Hunter 2016 Features:

  • Hunt all over the world. Pursue trophies in unique and delightful locations that span the world from Alaska to Zimbabwe
  • Bag big Game Animals. Hunt animals so real they nearly jump from the screen. Track down and bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game.
  • Shoot like a pro. Create a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the abilities to take the perfect shot.
  • Get them prior to them getting you. Defeat predators before you decide to end up being the prey.
  • Build your arsenal. Collect and customize your firearms with scopes, magazines, barrels, and stocks while you perfect your weapons for every hunt.

The graphics hanging around are impressive. All the weapons are rendered with plenty of detail. Of course, unless you are utilizing a shotgun or bow, you’ll primarily be checking out everything from a scope’s view. You need to be sure you help make your shot count. When I was attempting to hunt wolves, I had been careless with some shots, and the pack came charging. It was after i learned that the load time on the particular firearm I was using wasn’t the quickest. You can see what happens in one of the screenshots above. That didn’t result in well. Next occurrence I realized that Deer Hunter 2016 is probably the safest method to hunt wolves.

Deer Hunter 2016 is free-to-play which is integrated with Google Game Play Services. There are over twenty achievements to unlock in the game. Hopefully content will continue to be added to the game.?Should you download the game by September 18th, you receive a free hunter’s pack. This includes extra energy, gold bars and hunter’s bucks.?So far, reviews in the Play Store happen to be quite favorable. I have enjoyed playing it thus far, and this is not really a genre which i necessarily gravitate towards. If you enjoy hunting games, Deer Hunter 2016 may be easily recommended.

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