Hands-on with Pixowl’s upcoming sequel The Sandbox 2

Hands-on with Pixowl’s upcoming sequel The Sandbox 2

Pixowl’s The Sandbox game has been doing exceedingly well by itself since its initial release. We’ve discussed that game a few times on here, either about the original launch or regarding a few of the updates that have greatly expanded the sport from what it once was. Obviously, whenever we got an offer to look into the sequel at GDC 2016, i was pretty interested in seeing what was new.

For those of you not familiar with The Sandbox, this game is really as the name suggests, a digital sandbox to do what you would like while in it. Featuring pixel art style of visuals, players could do anything from creating a living world, to creating their own pixel art. You can even make Chiptune tracks in it if you wanted to achieve that. What chose to make this game much more interesting is it is all completed in a 2D perspective, so it isn’t Minecraft or anything like this. This is, of course, the quick and dirty description from the Sandbox as there is a lot more depth into it than what I’ve mentioned previously.

The Sandbox 2 continues on with this particular concept of being able to do anything you want within the game, but expands onto it in many ways. First, the pixel art visuals happen to be improved upon, having a much more details to them than ever before. Another enhancement towards the game is the fact that when making a world, the area can be bigger than in the initial game, up to 10x bigger actually. Actually when designing a global, you will find numerous enhancements within it while building and playing in it. There’s a much improved weather system, and an improved day/night cycle which will come complete with a fading moon and twinkling stars. It’s little additions like that which really appears to bring more depth and personality to the game and the world you happen to be building.

Of course you are able to build pixel art yourself within this sequel as well as Chiptune tracks once again. Both may also be much larger in size along with the pixel art portion, much more detailed too. Naturally, just like the original game, players within the Sandbox 2 can share their creations, it doesn’t matter what they are, along with other players who are then free to enjoy your creations themselves. Of a created world, other players will go about exploring them, watching nature take its course just like a bear mauling a goat viciously before eating it, or watching humans go about their business. There’s a lot more elements that can be added too compared to original title.

The biggest addition to the sequel is a new tab within the menu where you can select items to supplment your world, art, etc. This tab is called simple ‘Game’ and yet this tab adds an entirely new dimension to what players can perform within this sequel. As you may or might not be guessing, you will be able to produce games for you, or other people, to experience within The Sandbox 2. Right now, in early stages of development that the game is within, players can create platformer style games with such tools and items.

So the steps to creating a platformer inside The Sandbox 2 are pretty straightforward. You’ll make your game world, such as the landscape you would like it to have, then jump in to the game tab and start adding the elements you would like. It may be as simple or as complex/difficult as you like. You’ll also have multiple types of characters for you to add because the main playable ‘hero’ inside your game when Sandbox 2 launches. Each one will have unique abilities that the game can be fashioned around as well. Once you’re done building your game, you can save it and play it around you want, in addition to share it with others who can also play it.

There is a campaign mode in this sequel which will help to unlock items which you can later use. However, there is also a new Quest 100 mode where players can challenge themselves to finish each one of the selected levels in the best player creations. The included campaign mode includes 4 campaigns with more than 100 additional quests too, with a storyline in addition to utilizing a large amount of the new mechanics that are debuting with the sequel. Overall, there is lots of more items featuring to be added before release, but there is still a great deal present whenever we went hands-on at GDC 2016. The world backgrounds convey more depth-of-field effects and other little goodies.

Unfortunately there is no exact release date as of yet, but the wait is certainly not long as Pixowl does intend to launch The Sandbox 2 between June or July 2016. It will be free to download and play, with optional IAPs open to help unlock items faster in the game. However, all items can be accessed too simply by playing the game, so you do not have to spend any money unless you want to.

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