MAME is now officially an open source project after 10 months

MAME is now officially an open source project after 10 months

Last year the folks who maintain the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME for short, announced that they would be making the entire project free. Now, 10 months later, that has become a reality because the process has been declared successful finally.

While at first this might not seem like it’s Android related, but it does affect Android gamers. The MAME coding continues to be freely readily available for use for quite some time now, and that we already have MAME emulators available on Google Play, it hasn’t been open source technically. Basically you would have to be a part of the project to contribute to it, but you can use the origin code freely for awhile now.

MAME emulator on Android

However, starting today developers can bring about the MAME project if they wish to, or make use of the source code in whatever way they want as long as it fall into the arena of open source (GPL 2.0+ license). This implies that there is now the official GitHub for MAME, appropriately named MAMEdev. This also means, with the appropriate permission, developers can choose to charge for their projects that happen to make use of MAME.

Hopefully we have seen some interesting improvements and additional features arriving to MAME, and in particular the emulators on Android, soon.

Official Website: MAMEdev GitHub

Website Referenced: Gamasutra