Niantic Lab’s upcoming Pokemon GO game gets first details and official screenshots released today

Niantic Lab’s upcoming Pokemon GO game gets first details and official screenshots released today

Whether this can be a result of the video that was posted online recently showing a few of the gameplay arriving Pokemon GO, which was taken from Niantic Lab’s talk during SXSW 2016, or because of the company cancelling their GDC 2016 talk and gameplay reveal, we do not know. It could be also because of the questions which have arisen since that video’s release about the depth of the gameplay, or possible lack thereof. However, the timing on releasing the first details regarding Pokemon GO’s gameplay and it is first screenshots is fairly impeccable.

For people unfamiliar with Pokemon GO, this isn’t like other games using the GO word in it, such as Lara Croft GO or Hitman GO. Instead, Pokemon GO is definitely an augmented reality game where players bypass the planet in real life and try to capture and collect various Pokemon. Obviously the game just doesn’t end at capturing Pokemon, well hopefully it does not, since we’ve had very little to take up until now in relation to exactly what the gameplay is going to be like.

In the video posted last week, we got to determine the capturing process for action, but which was it for the gameplay preview. Capturing, from what we witnessed in said video, seemed to be just doing the act of ‘throwing’ your Pokeball at a Pokemon which has appeared. If you miss you throw it again, and then achieve this before you capture it. That was it. What we didn’t see was any kind of battling being involved, even in just weakening the Pokemon to capture it.

Today we do know a little more concerning the gameplay for Pokemon GO. While players are travelling in real life, Pokemon have a chance to look virtually anywhere. However, certainly Pokemon may only be located in certain environments, such as forest or parks. So water-type Pokemon may only appear near lakes and oceans. When you’re near a Pokemon, your phone will vibrate, letting you know one in near you.

As we mentioned earlier, catching a Pokemon requires you to definitely ‘throw’ your Pokeball, that is done by tapping your screen when a Pokemon appears. However, there are more special items can be found at PokStops found at various places in the real world, for example public art installations, historical markers, monuments and so on. While you catch Pokemon, your trainer level increases, allowing players to capture more-powerful Pokmon and access more items. A lot of the other gameplay elements are exactly what you realized to find inside a Pokemon game.

Some Pokmon could be evolved when the same species is caught on multiple occasions. Pokmon Eggs, that exist at PokStops, will hatch after players walk a particular distance. Players can impress their friends by unlocking achievement medals which are earned by completing a number of challenges. During gameplay, Pokmon GO players will be encouraged to join 1 of 3 teams and engage in Gym battles with other teams. After they have joined a group, players will have a way to assign their Pokmon to empty Gyms. Like PokStops, Gyms are available at real locations on the planet, and because only one Pokmon per player can be put at a given Gym, team members will have to interact to build a powerful defense. A Gym claimed by one team could be challenged through the other two teams. Pokemon GO

So the good thing is that Pokemon battles at Gyms is roofed in this game. Hopefully they’re plentiful if PvP and battles only happen at Gyms, and there is certainly not many of them available, then PvP/Pokemon Battles may be harder to enjoy. It does not seem like there’s PvP within the wild. When there is, they haven’t indicated that at all yet. Earning Gym badges will be a nice touch.

As it stands right now, there is still no real release date for Pokemon GO. However, with more details and screenshots getting released, it appears as though development is coming along quite nicely. We’ll post an update when we learn about any other details. You can check out the recording from SXSW 2016 below.

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