Nine Sega and Warner Bros. Games Announced for Nvidia Shield Coming Soon via GeForce Now

Nine Sega and Warner Bros. Games Announced for Nvidia Shield Coming Soon via GeForce Now

Written by Jim McCauley

With us staying at GDC 2016 all last week, there is some news we desired to get out but simply didn’t have the time to do this. Since we’re back, we’re making up ground on things and one of these bits of news is actually nine Sega and Warner Bros games being announced as coming soon for GeForce Now.

The GeForce Now library is constantly expanding, and soon you can stream the following choice of games from SEGA and Warner Bros. All nine games are launching this year on Shield, with most of these open to play free with a GeForce Now membership and some available to purchase separately.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed (Incorporated with GeForce NOW Membership)
Sonic is joined by a cast of superheroes from SEGA history, including AI from Super Monkey Ball and Amigo from Samba de Amigo, inside a barnstorming racetrack showdown featuring cars, monster trucks, bikes and planes. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed features numerous challengers and circuits in a frantic race towards the finishing line, with lots of special moves and power-ups to help keep things interesting.

LEGO Jurassic World (Price TBA on GeForce Now – Also Comes With PC Code to Download the Game)
It’s all about blocks and shocks in LEGO Jurassic World. This latest co-operative puzzle-platforming game-from the TT Games, the developer who brought us LEGO versions of The exorcist, Batman and Indiana Jones-lets players relive all the best scenes in the Jurassic Park film franchise. Prepare in the future face-to-scaly-face with over 20 dinosaur species including Triceratops, Stegosaurus and also the mighty T-Rex. You can also unlock and play as over 100 characters in the movies including Director Steven Spielberg himself.?

Mad Max (Price TBA on GeForce Now – Also Comes With PC Code to Download the Game)
The post-apocalyptic world of the Mad Max movie franchise involves GeForce NOW in this open-world action-adventure. It isn’t according to the movies specifically but rather uses the Mad Max universe to inform an original story. You play the a part of Max Rockatansky who, following a vicious attack and robbery by a gang of raiders, embarks on the mission to seek revenge and build the best car called the Magnum Opus. Below is really a punishing number of vehicle-based battles as Max equips his vehicle with cannons, flamethrowers and grappling hooks in order to go ahead and take battle to his enemies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Price TBA on GeForce Now – Also Includes PC Code to Download the Game)
Seven movies and half a dozen approximately books and there is still more thrilling stories to explore set within J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-earth fantasy world. We now have Shadow of Mordor on NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game-streaming service to add to the collection. The game happens between the events chronicled in The Hobbit and also the Lord of the Rings and follows the adventures of Talion who, after being killed by Sauron, returns in spirit form to avenge his death and that of his loved ones. Middle-earth’s spectacular environments could be traversed on foot by riding creatures and the game’s strength lie in the solid combat system combining close-quarters melee fighting with Talion’s spirit abilities.

Alpha Protocol (Included with GeForce Now Membership)
This thrilling third-person spy RPG combines gunplay, hand-to-hand combat and gadgetry with multiple possible consequences that mean you will need to play it through often to see everything on offer. As renegade agent Michael Thorton you’re to prevent a global disaster from the odds, and each decision, action and dialogue choice serves to shape your character on the way, with potentially far-reaching consequences.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1 (Included with GeForce Now Membership)
After 16 years, the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 finally arrives and it is well worth the wait.
With thoroughly up-to-date visuals married to deliciously old-school action, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1 is an instantly familiar full-speed platformer by which Sonic faces off once more from the sinister Dr. Eggman, who’s back with more of his evil creations to have another pop at his blue nemesis.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 2 (Incorporated with GeForce Now Membership)
Episode 2 of Sonic 4 brings double the action, as Dr. Eggman teams track of Metal Sonic, while Sonic gets back together with his old sidekick, Tails the two-tailed fox. With four new zones to experience through, full of dangerous enemies, Sonic’s have to his deadly new combination moves to win the day. And if you’ll need a little help on the way you are able to get together with a friend thanks to Episode 2’s local and online co-op mode.

Sonic CD (Incorporated with GeForce Now Membership)
Time itself is threatened by in the nefarious Dr. Eggman in this classic 1993 Sonic adventure, revamped and revitalized inside a new, enhanced version. Eggman has imprisoned the mysterious Little Planet, where past, present and future collide, inside a twisted metallic shell so that he can steal its magical Time Stones and provide himself the ability to control time, and it is up for Sonic to thwart his evil scheme. Sonic has to travel back in its history and destroy Eggman’s machines so that he can retrieve the Time Stones, in a fast-paced platformer that marks the first appearance of Amy the Hedgehog, along with the evil Metal Sonic.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (Included with GeForce Now Membership)
Humanity is under threat! In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, a millions-strong army of Orcs has invaded an Imperial Forge World, a planet-sized factory where humanity builds its war machines included in its never-ending battle for survival, also it falls for you, as Captain Titus from the Space Marines, to carry off the invaders until reinforcements arrive. It’s an almost hopeless scenario, but with your years of combat experience plus an enormous arsenal of devastating weaponry, you may just stand a chance. As you progress you are able to unlock new abilities, armor and weaponry, giving you the extra edge in combat. Alongside the huge single-player campaign you can also jump into epic 8 vs. 8 multiplayer battles with your personal Space Marine squad.

As each one becomes available, we will be sure to inform you via updates.