Nvidia updates GeForce Experience, preps for the upcoming GameStream Co-op beta

Nvidia updates GeForce Experience, preps for the upcoming GameStream Co-op beta

Written by AndrewH

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience program for PC isn’t just a suite of tools for gamers to make use of when doing offers on their PC, but also provides a sort of bridge with the company’s Shield Android devices too. For instance, you’ll need GeForce Experience installed, in addition to a compatible GeForce GPU, in order to use the GameStream feature with your Shield device.

Today Nvidia has pushed out an update which brings lots of fixes towards the program. Some are centered on laptop computer side of things, there are a few things associated with mobile with this update too. However, there seems to be some additions that are unlisted in the changelog highlights.

Official GeForce Experience changelog (v. 2.5.13):

? Adds low latency games optimizations for DOTA2, League of Legends, and Hearts from the Storm on GeForce GTX 950.
? Fixes an issue where ‘new OPS settings happen to be downloaded’ notifications are displayed even if the notify me checkbox is unchecked.
? Fixes a problem where GeForce Experience doesn’t open when system language is set to Turkish.
? Fixes an issue where ‘GeForce Experience session has expired’ notifications are displayed at the wrong time.
? Fixes a problem where ShadowPlay causes the audio to play in a loop.
? Fixes a problem where SHIELD controller loses control when another controller is plugged into laptop computer.

What isn’t mentioned would be the inclusions in content sharing and Nvidia’s GameStream getting prepped for the upcoming co-op beta. From within the GeForce Experience Overlay, it’s easy to have the ability to upload directly in-game to YouTube. You may also perform some minor editing to your videos too for example trimming and title editing. Also in the Share overlay there’ll soon be the option for GameStream Co-op. This essentially starts a 1-on-1 session having a friend, so that you can play a co-op game together.

Setting up GameStream Co-op is straightforward too. Both users need GeForce Experience installed, Google Chrome, as well as an official free extension from Nvidia. From there all your friend needs to do is send you an invite to experience. This actually reveals an entire slew of possibilities.

While you can do this with any game, as long as both users have said game installed, Nvidia can also be focusing on native co-op support from within Geforce Experience as well. This would basically imply that if both users possess a particular game installed, and both are logged into GeForce Experience, they are able to join each others game. So far one game already has this enabled and that is Trine 3.

The update for GeForce Experience ought to be available already for anyone using the software placed on their PC already. The GameStream Co-op is recognized as a beta at this time with a full early access happening in September 2015. So although this update is minor somewhat, it’s what Nvidia’s is prepping for that is of great interest.

Source: Nvidia