Roguelike survival game The Flame in the Flood is now available for Shield devices via GeForce Now

Roguelike survival game The Flame in the Flood is now available for Shield devices via GeForce Now

Fans of roguelike survival games possess a brand new one to sink lots of their free time into should you also occur to own an Nvidia Shield device. The recently released The Flame in the Flood through the Molasses Flood just occurred readily available for Shield devices using the GeForce Now platform like a premium title. This means you will also get a code for any copy you are able to download on your PC.

For people not familiar with this game, The Flame within the Flood is a roguelike survival game, like we mentioned previously, which was released onto PC, Mac and Xbox One back in February 2016. So this is quite a recent game release. This particular survival game had quite the team behind it as well, with plenty of the developers for this game having been an employee on titles such as BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock-band. This includes the Art Director for BioShock.

This game happens in a post-apocalyptic America, however in a more backwoods kind of setting. Players will need to forage for food and useful materials/items, craft tools and weapons, all while attempting to evade predators and not die. You will either be traveling by foot or by raft down river, which is a procedurally-generated. Besides scrounging for resources and crafting tools, players will also need to learn remedies for a number of afflictions, and ensure to possess what you ought to stay alive. You don’t want to be caught while it is raining though.

As far as survival games go, this one doesn’t adhere to the typical formula that most use, and it is actually a bit hectic and fast-paced at times. If you’re thinking about snapping up a copy from the Flame in the Flood, that can be done off of GeForce Now for $17.99 which will also net you a download code to use on This is the launch sale price for any limited time. When the sale ends, it’ll cost $19.99 instead. This game is compatible with all Shield devices.

GeForce Now: The Flame within the Flood