Square Enix shows off Armor Blitz, a new game being developed within the Square Enix Collective program

Square Enix shows off Armor Blitz, a new game being developed within the Square Enix Collective program

Written by AndrewH

Square Enix continues to be managing a new program lately called the Square Enix Collective program which is simply the company’s third-party promotional arm. Square Enix provides indie developers various support while they developer their games. Today they are revealing an extremely interesting Anime-style game called Armor Blitz.

Armor Blitz features Anime-style art along with anthropomorphized tanks, mechs, anime women, and big guns. Virtually anime tank girls, literally, because the tanks go ahead and take type of these anime characters with tank pieces. Players will assemble a squad of those tank girls before taking them into battle in lane-based combat from the forces from the Corruption. You will have a force of tanks, commanded by said tank girls, which you will be issuing commands to to be able to remove your enemies.

The storyline in Armor Blitz is actually pretty interesting. Without diving into an excessive amount of detail and spoiling it, weapons in past battles that end up being discarded get their souls leave, arriving into the realm of Armor Blitz, a kind of haven for that weapon souls. These souls take on the type of anthropomorphized tanks, residing in peace until recently when a new evil force called The Corruption has started overtaking.

Before heading into battle, players will organize their forces in an almost deck-building style of gameplay. Once you have setup your little army of tanks, you’ll start the struggle with a random ‘hand’ of your cards. After that you drag the credit card you want to play onto the field where it will deploy that unit. Combat, however, is all in real-time and is not turn-based just like a TCG is frequently. In fact you really have fully animated units on the arena. The only time you deal with cards is when summoning a brand new unit.

Armor Blitz Features:

– Unique Collectible Characters: Each character you encounter through the game is carefully made with their own history.

– Strategic Real-time Combat: We use a mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real-time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.

– Take Control of the Battlefield: Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory.

– Anime Inspired Art: We have Japanese and Korean artists producing authentic pieces for that game.

– Engrossing Storyline: The story is funny, engaging and impressionable. Spot the small Easter eggs throughout watching the field of Armor Blitz unfold!

Right now Armor Blitz happens to be in development, being called an Alpha at this time in regards to the single-player content. No word on how finished the multiplayer gameplay is. There’s still a good work load to become done though and that’s why there is no specific release date right now. However, they’re planning to get it released sometimes early the coming year. The developers want to begin a crowd funding campaign soon for further funds. We’ll post an update once which goes live.

Source: Square Enix