Star Crusade is an upcoming cross-platform Sci-Fi themed CCG for Android

Star Crusade is an upcoming cross-platform Sci-Fi themed CCG for Android

There’s a respectable amount of CCGs on Android, and mobile in general, and many from the are pretty decent. Some are a little on the weaker aspect, while a few actually grow to be very good, for example Hearthstone. However, many of them make use of a pretty standard formula with regards to the gameplay mechanics.

Star Crusader, on the other hand, actually breaks from the standard formula of CCG titles with a few unique features that makes for a lot more dynamic gameplay and a lot less meta gaming with simply a few decks becoming the ‘standard’ for players to use. First, Star Crusader has 6 different racers that players can choose from, each using their own heroes which will represent players. Each also have their own weaknesses and strengths as well. After that you are able to construct your decks, pick your modules, and go into combat.

With the modules, players can also add unique abilities to their hero they have chosen to play as. So two players may have exactly the same deck configurations, but because of the different modules they have chosen, the match is going to be completely different than what you realized with two players having identical decks. When this game fully launches, you will see around 40-50 modules obtainable in the sport to begin. Another interesting dynamic with Star Crusade is that there’s not set deck size.

When building your deck(s), you could have between 25-40 cards that you could have in your deck. Not only does that add another layer of technique to this game, since with a lower quantity of cards you will have a great possibility of getting the card(s) you want immediately or when you need them, but the size your deck transpires with also be your wellbeing points. So using a deck with 40 cards could give you a lot of health, and a more tank-y build, you’ll have to go through a lot more cards in order to get those you would like at any time. A minimal card deck could be an ultra aggressive type of gameplay, while a high card deck is more of the endurance type of playing the game.

While Star Crusade is going to be launching with four modes to play through, which range from practice against AI opponents to ranked matches against other players, you will see additional game modes coming soon after launch. This includes a single-player campaign for those who prefer to learn lore and experience their own at times, to a 2v2 type of multiplayer PvP style of gameplay which should be really interesting to determine how that plays out. There’s lots of capabilities as well but on the more social level, such as having the ability to share your deck builds with friends in-game and a spectator mode to watch matches.

Right now Star Crusade is available via Steam for PC gamers through early access. However, once the game fully launches, it will be available for mobile gamers too with full cross-platform support. So if you might be playing against a PC player, or perhaps a mobile one. Star Crusade is going to be free to download and can have booster packs as IAPs, but all the cards are also accessible just by playing the game itself.

We will be doing a little more of the in-depth hands-on using the Android version after we get our on the job an early build. However, it will be available for both phones and tablets right at launch, that is slated for release at some point this Spring. I’ll say it was pretty enjoyable to test while at GDC, even while an earlier build.

Steam Early Access: Star Crusade