[Update: Game Released] Mediocre Games Studio will release their newest game DIRAC March 10th for Android

[Update: Game Released] Mediocre Games Studio will release their newest game DIRAC March 10th for Android

Mediocre Game Studio has released some pretty awesome games for Android/iOS. Their latest release is coming to Android and iOS March 10th. In a thirty second trailer which was released today, we obtain a peek of what’s in the future. Obviously it appears interesting! We’re referring to Mediocre Games here, the creators of Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Hit and doesn’t Commute. DIRAC is the next hit, and we can’t wait to experience it.

UPDATE: March 10th – 2:27 AM, PST: Mediocre Games has released their latest game DIRAC into the Google Play Store. Fortunately, we have had an opportunity to spend some time with the game. We are able to tell you that it’s engaging and difficult to play. It will be requires strategy, but there’s a fair amount of fun available while playing the sport. The game is available to download for $1.99 and does not include any in-app purchases. The link to download the game are available at the end of this short article.

What’s DIRAC? That’s a good question. We can’t exactly say for sure, however this is exactly what was posted around the information below the video that was released today.

SUBJECT: Explore the microverse with top scientists from across the world using the revolutionary DIRAC engine.

MESSAGE: Congratulations!

Because of the Mediated intern opportunity colocation research (MEDIOCRE) laboratory, you’ve been because of the exclusive opportunity to use DIRAC, the most recent in computerized quantum disentanglement technology. You’ve been granted unlimited and unsupervised accessibility DIRAC mkII Quasi-Fibonacci de-unfocusing vectorscope terminal. Through phase-distorted intermodulation inference you will be able to manually disentangle and sort with the macroscopic existence of the microverse.

Press the appropriately labeled button below to assert your shot in the understated glamour of life like a lab technician (intern).

That explains it right? Fortunately that people won’t have to wait too long to find out more about DIRAC. Mediocre Games is typically pretty quiet regarding their new releases until about a week or so before they hit the Play Store. As we learn more information, we’ll pass it along to you. I’m just glad we will never have to wait much more before we get a chance to play it.

What are your ideas? Do you enjoy checking it out? Are you fans of Mediocre Games like we’re?

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you believe. March 10th is just around the corner.

DIRAC (Playboard) | DIRAC (Play Store)