[Update: Game Released] Unleash your spirit from your body in Whispering Willows, coming this Summer to Android

[Update: Game Released] Unleash your spirit from your body in Whispering Willows, coming this Summer to Android

Written by Ryan Ballard

Having recently been an Ouya exclusive, the top rated Whispering Willows has become set to drop on multiple platforms this summer, that will include Android at large. In this particular game, players will assume the function of the woman by the name of Elena.

[Update: August 26th, 2015 – 7:51 PM, PST]?Whispering Willows, that was recently an Ouya exclusive, is now open to download in the Google Play Store. The award-winning game obtainable for $4.99 and does not include any in-app purchases. If you’re interested in trying this game out, the link to download the game are available after this short article.

Update: July 31st, 2015 9:03am PST: The rather enjoyable horror adventure game Whispering Willows will finally be arriving onto Google Experience August 12th. Up until now, the only way you can play farmville on Android was utilizing an Ouya console. Now everyone on Android will quickly be able to play this game. We’ll post an update once it is officially released.

Elena’s father is missing, and she or he sets forth to locate him. Why is this game interesting is the fact that Elena is a gifted woman, who can project her spirit outside of her body, to assistance with searching in locations that Elena would certainly be unable to access, or see things she couldn’t normally, and so on.

Whispering Willows Features:

– Immerse yourself inside a beautifully hand-drawn 2-D world while you traverse the Mansion grounds.
– Allow the haunting music and chilling sound clips to transmit goosebumps across your neck.
– Allow the history of the Willows Mansion draw you into a plot full of twists and betrayal.
– Explore the vast Mansion and unlock its puzzling secrets while you look for Elena’s missing Father.

While projected outside of her body, Elena may also be interacting with various spirits, friendly and malevolent, that reside within Willows Mansion; a number of them are stuck in this realm and Elena is going to be ale to assist them to out, on the way to locating the reason for her father’s disappearance. In the end, players will have to utilize both the corporeal Elena, as well as the ethereal one, to see this game through.

As for when Whispering Willow will be released onto Google Play, right now there is only a general Summer 2015 release time frame. Addititionally there is no specific pricing information announced either. We’ll post an update once we get those details or even the game gets released. Until then, check out the game in action within the trailer below.

Whispering Willows (Playboard) | Whispering Willows (Play Store)