[UPDATE: New DLC Available] Rayark releases a trailer for new content coming in Implosion: Last Man Standing

[UPDATE: New DLC Available] Rayark releases a trailer for new content coming in Implosion: Last Man Standing

Rayark Games once we have mentioned previously, makes some pretty amazing looking games. We had heard from Rayark whenever we interviewed them this past year, ?there would be an update for their popular game, Implosion: Never Lose Hope. Rayark just released a brand new trailer for that update, entitled Last Man Standing. We can not wait for this new content to hit because it looks phenomenal!

UPDATE: Friday, March 4th – 3:56 AM, PST: As we mentioned inside a previous article, Rayark has been working on new content for the amazing game Implosion. The new free downloadable submissions are readily available for the sport. If you have already purchased the game, this new content should appear being an update to your game. Bear in mind, the update is pretty hefty, weighing in at about 1.5 GB. The new chapter “Last Man Standing” is going to be available after you have completed mission 1-8. Here is what is included within the update: 1) New warmech Jonathan Carloway 2)6 completely new Jonathan missions 3) New boss challenges 4) Experience the new developed Jonathan’s skill system. We are excited revisit the Implosion universe and check out out this new content. Home theater system . are extremely.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope was launched this past year to much acclaim. Many gamers suited up in their mech-suits and traveled to different regions taking on a number of enemies. With swords still in hand, it looks like we’ll have the opportunity to drag off some amazing new feats, in the downloadable content that needs to be arriving soon for Android/iOS. If you are a fan of the Implosion universe, get ready, since there is more coming down the pike. Remember that Rayark successfully completed their KickStarter campaign for their animated film: Implosion: Zero Day a month ago. If you’re just like excited as we are, check out the trailer and let us know what you believe.

We feel the downloadable content will be free for people who purchased the original game. We’ll make sure with Rayark. After we get more information from Rayark on the release date, we’ll inform you. We all do realize that Rayark mentioned on their FaceBook page that Last Man Standing was dealing with Apple’s reviewing process. Hopefully this means that the Android version is not too much behind. Don’t worry, we will be scouring the net to find out any information we can for you, and recurring to see if it comes with an update towards the game on our devices. Until then, enjoy the latest trailer. It’s almost time for you to suit up again. Isn’t it time?

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