[Update: Release Date Change] Chameleon Run is striking, colorful and coming soon from Noodlecake Games

[Update: Release Date Change] Chameleon Run is striking, colorful and coming soon from Noodlecake Games

Chameleon Run looks stunning. We discovered farmville during GDC this year. We knew it might be coming soon, but did not know how soon. Apparently , this amazing color switching runner will be available April 14th.

Update: March 30th, 2016 10:17am PST: For people who’ve already read this article, Noodlecake Games have place the word out that the release date for Chameleon Run is different from April 14th to April 7th. Therefore the game is going to be arriving a week sooner than expected.

Really all you need to say to use is Noodlecake Games and i’m interested. You toss the running genre in to the equation and you have commanded my full attention. Chameleon Run is really a beautiful looking game that’s being brought to Android and iOS using a collaboration between Hyperbolic Magnetism and Noodlecake Games. Hyperbolic Magnetism is an independent game studio located in Prague. The studio is composed of Jan Split Llavsky and Vladimir Hrincar. Together, this dynamic duo has produced what is among the most aesthetically pleasing looking platforming/running games to reach thus far this season. We can not wait to experience it and the good thing is, we don’t have too much longer to wait.

“Chameleon Run is really a unique, fast and challenging autorunner having a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will perhaps you have coming back for more. Your ultimate goal would be to switch your color to match the ground as you run and jump from platform to platform. Sounds easy right? Well think again!” – Noodlecake Studios and Hyperbolic Magnetism

Noodlecake Games always finds great independent game studios to work with. Their great collaborations continue Chameleon Run. Combining autorunning and color switching isn’t necessarily new, but what they’ve produced with Chameleon Run looks innovative and challenging. The chase cam perspective is one of the elements which makes this game look so fantastic. Throw in a uniquely conceived world with bold and striking colors, and you’ve got a game title which will surely test your dexterity, while you are taking in the lush visuals.

Chameleon Run Features:

  • Fast paced running, jumping and switching colors
  • Fun jumping mechanics like ‘double jump” and ‘head jump”
  • Pixel perfect physics
  • Stylish, super smooth and colorful graphics
  • Non-linear levels with three special objectives in every one
  • Complete for the fastest time on each level
  • Simple two button controls

Chameleon Run will be releasing at the same time for Android and iOS, that is always great to hear. If you have been craving a brand new running and platforming game that will test your skills, Chameleon Run is going to be live in the Google Play Store, Thursday, April 14th. We do not determine if farmville will be premium priced or not, but because soon as we learn more, we’ll update this short article. Check out the trailer below.